what is depression?

what is depression: cause, types, treatments and more

What is depression?

Depression is one of the most common types of mental disorders in which a person has a problem of depression feels extreme stress, loneliness, sadness, and unnatural anger and fear. It may be a very series type of illness or mental disorder.

what is depression?
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It is an act of your body by describing your feelings of anger, fear, sadness, and loneliness toward various situations.

Sometimes it became worst if proper treatment cannot provide to the person how to suffer from this kind of mental illness.

Each person how to suffer from this mental disorder experience it in different ways. It leads to tend different physical problems and tend to develop some series kind of chronic health problem if no care has been taken.

In this article, we can talk about what is depression, depression symptoms, and causes and the treatment of depression.

Let’s talk about some common depression symptoms for men and women:

  • Disturb sleep cycle-problem of sleeping less or sleeping more
  • Thinking problem- always thinking about something which tends to increase stress problem
  • Difficulty in concentrations in any work
  • Always worried about your family members and friends.
  • Thought of fighting with other people how to make trouble for you
  • Feels sadness or loneliness
  • Depression tends to change in mood
  • Change in your interest to perform any task
  • Anxiety
  • Tend to increase the chance of mental health problems
  • Change in your digestive health
  • Get frustrated in any small condition
  • Lose in sex drive
  • Unnatural headache
  • Spend less time with people they like to live alone

Depression symptoms in college students

In college or school, life student feels extreme stressful time during studies and due to other lifestyle problems.

The student feels stress and tension like:

  • Difficulty in thinking
  • Problem of insomnia
  • Lack of concentration on many topics
  • Loss of energy
  • Change in behavior
  • Negative thinking

This kind of mental problem is very common in college students because of the extreme work routine.

These are some common problems or depression symptoms which you can see or notice if you suffer from this problem.

Causes of depression

what is depression

some common causes of depression are:

Abuse: One of the most common of this mental disorder is a long time or continues abuse i.e. mentally, sexually, physically.

Due to this, a person suffers from critical depression the thought like fighting, killing and suicide came to mind if it will be long term and if no step is taken toward this disorder.

It may be genetic: it may be genetic that if in your family chart many people suffer from this problem that you may have this problem.

Time of pregnancy: during the time of pregnancy of a woman if a woman will be abused, feel loneliness and being sad most of the time during pregnancy that it may have a high chance that the baby which going to born has many symptoms of this kind of mental illness.

Stress: Stress is the main cause of this type of mental disorder. if any people very stressful routine of work. stress one of the main cause which tends to increase the chance of this kind of mental disorder.

Multiple anxiety problems: If a person suffers from any type of anxiety problem then it causes depression problems because during anxiety disorder like OCD, mood disorder an individual feels a high level of stress and anxiety.

Medicine:  Some types of meditational drugs which use to treat some health problems like blood pressure can increase the case of depression.

Death or loss of someone close: one of the biggest reasons is sadness and loneliness. When your close one is lost then an individual will feel sad that tends to increase the risk of depression.

Types of depression

There are the following types of depression that affect your lifestyle.

These are some most popular types of depression are:

  • Persistent depression disorder
  • Major depression disorder
  • Situational depression

Let’s explain these types in detail

Persistent depression disorder:

  • The persistent disorder is a long term disorder if any person suffers from more than 2 to 3 years or more then this type of depression is known as Persistent depressive disorder.
  • A persistent disorder is also known as dysthymia disorder. In this kind of mental disorder loss in interest in social life, playing and other fun activities an individual want to live alone lose self-control which affects their daily life tasks.
  • People feel the quick change in mood, loss of appetite, difficulty in concentration, change in the sleep cycle and hunger cycle maybe change.
  • This type of depression is the most common disorder in youngsters with a hard work routine.


It is very necessary to take care of any type of depression before it gets worse let’s talk about some tips to take care of this kind of mental disorder.

  • Share your thought with your friends and family
  • Think positive thoughts
  • Listen to music
  • Meditation for 10 to 20 minutes in the morning
  • Enjoy much as you can
  • Meet doctor or therapist
  • Expression your feelings or emotions

Major depression disorder

All types have the same problems and symptoms just like major disorders have some same kind of problems to Persistent.

 If an individual experiences Persistent disorder and instance stress and sadness form a long time then it is known as a major disorder.

  • The major disorder also causes genetically transmission
  • Therapy for this type of depression
  • Expression your feelings or emotions
  • Stay motivated
  • Play more
  • Think less do more
  • Listen to soft music

Situational depression

it is one of the common types of mental problem in which a person feels stressed and depress in basic situation happen with time.

It triggers in any situation like speaking in public, a suction of accident, exam, etc in which an individual feels stress.

It is and remains for a temporary time after some time your mind overcame.

Tips to overcome this problem

  • Be busy in work
  • Chill out with friends
  • Do not mention everything
  • Be emotionally stable

Treatment for the situational disorder

There are o many treatments for depression to take care but you have to follow any of the treatments very seriously to get out of this mental condition.

Exercise and meditation: there are several exercises like running, skipping and stretching is very efficient to over this mental disorder.

Mediation is more efficient than anything it helps to stable your mind and increase focusing power it also makes you more relax and happy which is good to overcome this problem.

Chill out with friends and family and get social health: the best treatment of this kind of mental disorder because there is nothing good then social helps to be happy.

As much as you get happy and live happily then you can well very well than any other treatment.

Join a fun club: there are so many clubs in which people get together to discuss their thought and suggest each other some tips and suggestions to live healthy and happy.

In Club like this people laugh and play a game with each other to hang out and happy day as I say before that there is nothing great than a happy mood to overcome this problem.

Meet doctor for therapy: one of the recommended tips by everyone is to meet the therapist or doctor because but it can be a better cure by suggestion and treatment of a doctor.

The therapist suggests your best routine and health tips to follow to get over these tips.


Here I provide you all the detailed information like what are depressions, causes of depressions, treatments, and types which help you to know all the details.

If you want to overcome this mental disorder then you have to learn as much as you can and apply some treatment to take care of yourself. At last, I want to say that mental health is much important as physical health so take care of your health and stay healthy and stay fit.


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