tips to remove dark circles fast

How to remove dark circles naturally | 7 tips to follow

Dark circles are common problems that cause due to lack of sleep and dark circles occur to both men and women.

Dark circles appear under eyelids that look like black skin belts under eyes and it makes your appearance bad and older.

I think you may have black circles under eyelids that and you are looking for a solution then don’t worry we discuss here that how to remove dark circles naturally in less than a week.

Some of the causes of dark circles are as follows:

  • Strain on eyes
  • One of the most common causes of dark circles is a strain on eyes that may occur due to watching phone and computer screens for a longer time.
  • That leads to making the strain on blood vessels of eyes and as a result, it makes your eyes darken.
lack of Sleep is main cause

Lack of sleep is very common because a lack of sleep can cause fluid to build under eyes that make eyelids dark and puffy.

sleep is very important for overall health and lack of sleep mostly affects eyes that make your eyes tissues dull and darken.

There are some reasons like genetics, age, and some sort of allergies but we can use some tips to remove dark circles fast.

About we can reduce so many causes of dark circles fast now let’s start talking about How to remove dark circles naturally fast.

How to remove dark circles naturally fast using some home remedies at home:
How to remove dark circles naturally
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Milk is so great for skin care and it also helps to decrease the darkness of eyelids because of great vitamins and minerals that are great for dark circles.

Take 1 small bowl of milk and dip a small cotton ball in milk and gently rub it on eyelids for 2-3 minutes and then wash it off for a minute.

 Try this milk for a week to get brighter and normal eyelids this should be a great tips to remove dark circles fast.


Tomato is so great to get rid of dark circles you can make tomato juice more amazing if you add a few drops of lemon juice.

Tomato contains minerals known as lycopene that pretend to natural remedies to make skin brighter and healthier.

This makes this home remedy s great for dark circles just take 1 tomato to grind it and also add half lemon juice and then apply directly on eyes area.

Then leave it for 5-10 minutes and wash your face with chilled water.

Tomato is so great tips to remove dark circles fast because it helps to exfoliate the skin to remove darkness fast.


You can apply raw potato directly on the area of eys to get rid of dark circles in less than a week.

Potato is rich in so many vitamins like vitamin C that is great to heal and make skin younger and brighter.

Potato has serval minerals that help to lighten skin and the shows be very effective to treat dark circles.


It is used from ancient times for skin care because turmeric has serval anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich properties.

Turmeric defiantly helps to get rid of dark circles fast.

You can also add few drops of milk to make a thick paste and then just apply this paste on the dark area of eyes.

After this paste get wet then wash it off properly.

You can try this tip once in a two day to get great results to get rid of dark spots and Turmeric is so great to tips to remove dark circles fast within a week.


As we see many times that beauty expert advice to put a slice of cucumber on eyes this is because cucumber contains so many antioxidants and vitamins that help to get rid of dark spots.

It makes eye skin contract and also makes eyes hydrated eyes skin to remove extra oil.

Just cut a piece of 2 cold cucumbers and then put it on eys for while to show cucumber its effect on dark spots.

You can practice this cucumber tip daily 2 times a day because it is one of the most popular know tips to remove dark spots fast just use these tips daily.

How to remove dark circles naturally by changing lifestyle

Tips to remove dark circles fast
  • Sleep well at least sleep for 8-9 hours daily to avoid dark circles.
  • Try to avoid stress and depression by doing mediation because of stress and depression in response to bad skin health.
  • Consume iron-rich food because some time iron deficiency also leads to darkness under eyes.
  • Avoid smoking because it tends to increase radicals result in bad eyes and puffy eyes.
  • Dehydration is also a reason for this darkness so drink more water and wash face and eyes 2 times a day to keep it hydrated.

End line:

Here it is all the tips that definitely help you that how to remove dark circles naturally if you be consistent and apply one or two tips daily on dark eyes and counting on it that these tips to remove dark circles fast are so effective.

But if you have more difficult and so times darker then please visite doctor or health expert to get proper treatment for dark circles to get the correct treatment for this problem.


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